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Six ways to add value to your property

Whether you're looking to sell or upgrade, there are a few sure-fire ways to add value to your property with some clever cosmetics. Here are our best tips:

A fresh lick of paint
One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your home a new look and coordinated interior or exterior is a fresh coat of paint. Painting can be relatively inexpensive, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire professionals. See our colour forecast for this season's latest trends.

Update your fittings
One of the first things buyers tend to look at are the doors and cupboards, lights, locks, curtains and blinds. Make sure these fittings are all functional, and consider upgrading any old or mismatched fittings.

Kitchen refresh
Redoing an entire kitchen can be expensive but the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Many buyers prefer an open-style kitchen so if you have a traditional closed-room kitchen you may want to consider removing a wall. If you're not looking to make structural changes, you can replace benchtops, sinks or even cupboard fittings as a quick, inexpensive way to spruce up your kitchen.

Buff your bathroom
Everyone likes a sparkling bathroom, so pay close attention to cracked tiles, worn or mouldy seals and leaking taps. Like kitchens, bathrooms should also be stylish, modern and functional. Replacing broken towel racks or dripping shower heads can make a big difference, while new mirrors and lighting can be a great finishing touch to make your bathroom feel more spacious.

Add a bedroom
The three major factors that drive a property's price are the location, land size and number of bedrooms. While you may not be able to change the first two, adding a bedroom can make a significant change in the value of your property. Make sure you speak with an architect for this sort of renovation and don't forget you'll need council approval for your plans.

The great outdoors
Whether you want to get rid of the pool and build a granny flat, or you simply want to turn a small balcony area into an outdoor entertaining area with a barbecue and herb garden, there are endless possibilities for your extra outdoor space.

Before you start any renovations, think about your budget. Speak to us to understand your financing options and needs. We're passionate about helping you realise more value through your property. Give me a call today for more resources and insights.

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