Pre-approval for a loan

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Purchasing your first home can be a challenge!
A home is the biggest purchase most people will make, so it’s never simple. Throw in renovations and investment properties, and you’re certainly in need of expert advice.

If you have a really great mortgage broker, he or she will be prepared to work with you over the long term to find the right property and lock in finance for the purchase.

Nicholas Kirlew, Territory Manager at Arafura Finance Brokers, recalls working with one Darwin first home buyer client for over twelve months, from obtaining initial pre-approval for a loan and helping the client successfully locate a property through to settlement and moving into the home.

In cases such as these, a bank branch’s loan officer just might not cut it.

“When the client contacted me, he was dissatisfied with the experience he had had dealing directly with banks, who were focused on selling him a loan at the lowest rate, rather than setting up a loan that really met his needs,” says Nicholas.

“Our role was really to educate the client about the best way to approach financing of the property.” Nicholas explains.

“Then once the client had found the right property, we were subsequently able to arrange first home buyer loan.” he says.

The result was an exceptionally happy client, who is looking to making a property investment, all with Nicholas’s assistance, and has sent friends and colleagues Nicholas’s way when they were looking to buy property.

“Our experience with this client really shows the value of receiving advice from a qualified mortgage broker,” Nicholas says.

An MFAA accredited mortgage broker can help your property dreams come true. Find your local mortgage broker.


6 Steps to Fast Track the purchase of your First Home

Buying your first home is an exciting process.

Having the correct information will help you to achieve your First Home.

You will have questions such as:

What loan types are available?
Which lender do I use to get my loan?
How much can I borrow?
What will my repayments be?
Can I afford it?
What if I don’t have a deposit?

All these questions are valid and can be answered by downloading the free guide here.

My name is Nick Kirlew and I am a professional Darwin based mortgage broker here to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

The guide is to make the process of buying your first home as stress free as possible.

When you download this free guide it will help you begin this adventure by taking you through the 6 steps to fast track the purchase of your first home.

Nick Kirlew Mortgage Broker

First Home Buyers Guide Video - Episode 1

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